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According to the information of the Ministry of internal Affairs on non-proliferation of COVID-19, there are 6,606 recovered people in the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the epidemic, 12,067 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan. How to protect yourself and others? Avoid crowded areas if possible. Do not touch your eyes, […]

Day of state symbols of Kazakhstan

On June 4, Kazakhstanis celebrate the Day of state symbols. It was on this day in 1992 that the distinctive signs of our state – the flag, coat of arms and anthem-were officially approved. On June 4, 2007, the constitutional law “on state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”was adopted. In accordance with this Law, […]

Childhood is a small life

This is a small life, filled with big events, rapidly running forward. And every person will have the only “childhood shore”in their soul for the rest of their life. Our students have prepared these videos for You. Stop in this flow of information and just remember about those beautiful, bright moments. 

One-time promotion «Extend the hand of life!»

Today, at 10:30, the action “Extend the hand of life!”was held. The campaign was held online, the College psychologist K. Zh. Shayakhmetova voiced recommendations for the summer period, carried out prevention of auto-destructive behavior.the head of educational work Shvetsova V. K. conducted a safety briefing during the holidays.

Distance is not a hindrance

Distance ceases to be a serious obstacle to education, the main thing is the desire to learn and perceive new things. Modern information technologies have already proved that they are not a mischief, but a serious assistant to the entire education system.

Learn at home!

Social distance is a concept that has recently entered our lives. People are advised to observe quarantine and limit communication with each other. Students have gone to distance learning, we offer you to see how they learn at home!

One day in the life of a student

Every student’s life is full of bright moments and unforgettable emotions. It consists of the smallest elements: days, minutes, seconds, when the very events that you want to remember occur. Now the student’s life has become a little different in distance learning. So what is this life like? The answer to this question can be […]

Movement is life

Sedentary lifestyle has always been considered detrimental to human health. You can do physical education anywhere, anytime, you just need to organize your daily routine correctly. Repeat these simple exercises after us!

Fight against corruption

Fighting corruption is the responsibility of every citizen. To resist the spread of corruption, you need to know what it is and all forms of its manifestations. That is why private establishment “zerek College” regularly conducts conversations with students about corruption and countering it. During the interviews, it is explained that corruption hinders the process […]

An online conference

An online conference was held with representatives of the KOSTANAY regional center of healthy lifestyle. Obstetrician Beisembaeva Gulnara Muratbekovna shared information with students on the theme “reproductive health Protection. Prevention of early pregnancy”.