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We are against bad habits!

Health is an invaluable asset not only for each person, but also for the entire society. Health helps us to fulfill our plans to successfully solve basic life challenges, overcome difficulties, and if you have to, then significant overload. And bad habits interfere with the development of culture and human development. Students of our College […]

Get ready for charging!

Physical activity strengthens the muscles and keeps them in shape. You don’t have to sign up for a gym to keep yourself in good shape. You can train at home — just spend half an hour every day. Do these exercises with us!

Clean house-clean country!

The students of our College are not indifferent to the fate of our nature, our soul aches when we see what is happening to our cities, villages, forests, fields, rivers and lakes; as a man himself kills his land, which is dying under mountains of garbage from human irresponsibility. We are confident that everyone can […]

International family day

On the eve of this warm family holiday, online curated hours ” Up the ladder of life. My moral and family values.” During the curatorial hour, such questions as: What is the family and why is it important for the state? Family evenings, joint celebration of important family events, mutual assistance, support. Self-improvement, self-development, responsible […]

Physical minutes

A physical minute is a short-term rest, one of the types of motor and health-improving moments in the class. Motor warm-UPS allow you to discharge yourself, remove negative emotions, switch, and then take up the difficult task of teaching with new mental strength. Our students have prepared physics textbooks in three languages

We say thank you!

On the eve of the holiday, the College administration expresses its gratitude to all veterans for their feat. We wish all veterans and witnesses of those days long life, health and happiness, and their children and grandchildren – pride for their family, for their People and good luck in all bright endeavors!

The memory candle does not go out!

Curatorial hours dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory day have passed. During the curatorial hour, they talked about the sense of pride and love for their Homeland, about the heroism and tragedy of the Soviet people. Students prepared information about their relatives who lived in those difficult years.