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Fatherland defender day

Congratulations to all men on a special day! We wish you good health, cheerfulness and prosperity. Let any undertaking succeed: the work is disputed, the career is successfully promoted.

Web conference

A webinar was held organized by the Department of education of Kostanay region akimat. At this webinar, Deputy managers of educational work share their experience in the distance education mode. From our College on the topic: “Organization of educational work in the conditions of distance education on the EduPage platform , social networks” was made […]


Due to the fact that we now spend a long time at the computer, we want to share with You an exercise for the neck and back muscles. If you feel pain in your back and neck, fatigue, stiffness of movements, repeat these simple exercises with us!

Beauty in the ethno style!

On the occasion of the “day of unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan”, we talk about the friendship of peoples as a priceless asset of our country, which should be preserved and multiplied. On the College’s instargam account https://instagram.com/zerek_2010?igshid=8ys68ib4ooij there was a “Like-time” of costumes of nationalities living on the territory of the Republic of […]


On April 30, an online meeting of the head of the College with students took place. During which KalamkasKakimbekovna explained to students information about the end of the academic half-year, and answered their questions.

In honor of health!

With this video, we want to convey to people how important it is to value your health. We encourage you to reconsider your views on life values. Health is the only thing without which a person can not live fully. Our body is very surprisingly arranged in it 1000 mechanisms and everything is so interconnected […]


Kazakhs Kazakh culture is well revealed in national clothing. Women’s Kazakh national clothing consists of a long dress, a camisole, a headdress and jewelry. Red: it has long been a very stable tradition. This is reflected in the Kazakh proverb “«Қыздыңкөзіқызылда» ” (“the eye of the girl drops on red”). In many peoples of the […]